The first step to creating your custom helmet is the design. Most people who want a custom helmet have usually been thinking about what they would like for sometime and so will have a very good idea of what they want and may even have a rough design drawn out. On the other side theres those who dont really have a specific design in mind maybe just colour scheme etc. Whichever category you come under we have a solution for you. If you have a design drawn out you can send it to us via email ( then we will go over it come back to you with some suggestions or ideas that may improve the finish then all thats left is to come to a final agreement regarding cost and time scale. Now if you come under the other category its pretty much the same process as above only difference being we will design your helmet from scratch. All you need to do is give us a rough guide to what colours you would like how detailed or basic you would like it then we will email your design a.s.a.p for your approval. Please feel free to download our helmet template to help with your design.