Welcome to Custom crash hats! Being an avid karter back in 2009 i decided i wanted my own one of a kind custom painted crash helmet. I looked at the various custom helmet painting websites and was shocked at how expensive it can be even for just a fairly straight forward design and i also found that there really wasnt any options for someone who would like a custom helmet design but are on a tight budget. Having been in the motor trade for almost 15 years as a classic car restorer and paint sprayer i have gained experience in some of the most demanding environments Mclaren Mercedes and Volkswagen group to name a couple, And so i decided to draw on my experience, and design and paint my own custom crash helmet. After some time, training, change in technique and fine tuning i managed to turn out a nice personal professional design which didnt cost the earth. As i really enjoyed doing it i decided to offer a custom helmet design and paint service for karters, car racers, bikers and pretty much any other type of helmet. But most importantly people on a budget!. For further information or a quote please email me at mail@customcrashhats.co.uk